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on missile defense. "with the united states on a path to a hollow military" he writes, "we are hardly in a position to exercise leadership in persuading allies to spend more on security. the irresponsible defense cuts are clearing the way for our partners to do even less." still what is remarkable about the policy and afghanistan, republicans are giving the president plenty of room. they don't want to argue any other side to this argument about keeping troops there longer. this is a war that is not longer popular with the men public. the other summit with the european economy on the brain, the summit with the most domestic impact may have happened earlier this weekend when the leaders of the world's wealthiest economies met at camp david. the same debate about growth or austerity, spending or cuts will go farthest to spur economic recovery in the long term is being fought out in europe as well and the white house is happy with that they believe is a more unified message on their message from the western km economies after this weekend. >> as all the leaders here today agreed, growth a
to the united states so he can pursue his studies. >> clinton also said she was, quote, encouraged by this two-sentence statement from china's foreign ministry. quote, if he wishes to study overseas as a chinese citizen, he can, like any other chinese citizens, process relevant procedures with relevant departments through normal channels in accordance to the law. several chinese newspapers launched an insult on chen and the u.s. describing the dissident as a pawn of the united states. china's official news agency did not follow suit suggesting there might be disagreement in china over how to save face in this crisis with both clinton and geithner on chinese soil. the chinese government, they say, has said they will accept his applications for appropriate travel documents and they would give his visa and family v. request priority. it follows a tense 48-hours where he in a beijing hospital surrounded by security answered a phone call from high man rights activist as they were meeting with republican members of congress. >> translator: i want to meet with the secretary, clinton. i hope i can get
commits the united states to afghanistan economically and militarily for the next 20 years through 2024. the agreement also guarantees afghan sovereignty and it says that the united states will not launch military operations against another country from afghanistan. the united states will not strike iran from afghanistan but will be able to carry out counter terrorism operations. speaking to troops the president was blunt about what operations are still going to look like in afghanistan over the next few years. >> some of your buddies are going to get injured. some of your buddies may get killed. and there's going to be heartbreak and pain and difficulty ahead. but there's a light on the horizon. >> 1,945 u.s. service members have been killed in the war in afghanistan. nearly 16,000 have been wounded. questions remain. we don't know how much money we'll be spending in afghanistan. that will be negotiated and appropriated annually over congress. we don't know what the u.s. military support presence will be. the president said that will be determined in some cases by conditions on the gro
in the united states senate, dick lugar, richard nixon's favorite mayor, gets yanked by republicans. the state of of the republican party. this morning we'll talk to both parties looking to take lugar's seat. and another hotbed of discontent. wisconsin democrats pick their man in the fast approaching recall vote on governor scott walker. we'll take a deep dive into the fierce fight that's only 27 days away from today. and mitt romney, another one of those pivots to november. this time it actually felt like on one. this is "the daily rundown." startling revelations about the double agent who ended up blow up that yemen bomb plot. lots to get to this morning. we know about indiana senator richard lugar. he was rejected by his own party in a double-digit defeat that was just one of last night's ballot blowouts. the results went largely as expected in indiana, north carolina, west virginia and wisconsin. the surprises were in the margins of victory. murdoch beat lugar by 20 points, 61% to lugar's 39%. new york overwhelmingly approved a state constitutional amendment that will constitutional will b
to make the call. the president of the united states is told we have someone who seems to resemble osama bin laden. the intelligence points it's osama bin laden. it's our one shot to take him out. the president can make that call. i have to believe i don't know whether every single president in the united states would have done it but it seems like just about every president given the stakes and the significance would have made that call. to me it's not a political issue. the president deserves tremendous credit for making the call. democrats and republicans praised barack obama a year ago when he made this decision including mitt romney. it's not a political issue. it's sad that it has become a political issue. >> i think what sort of sparked the debate of going back to 2007 and the back and forth was governor romney's sort of shot at former president carter. do you think that was a fair way of sort of responding that even jimmy carter when jimmy carter did order a raid like this that didn't work? >> i think what governor romney was saying even president carter who is known not to have
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progress toward burden sharing, toward a continuing support for afghan security but with the united states not having to bear the whole load. >> one piece of news to look for out this weekend may be a collective agreement at least in the g8 on releasing global oil reserves, which means the united states would be releasing part of the strategic petroleum reserve. there was a lot of nondenial denials at the white house yesterday about this. of course gas prices usually rise after memorial day. this may be an attempt to blunt that. all right. getting political campaigns off the ground are tough enough without having your allies stepping on the message last week the president's re-election bid was thrown off track by joe biden's preemptive support for gay marriage. this week mitt romney kicked off -- the kickoff was over shadowed by reverend wright and even brinksmanship over the debt ceiling. david gregory joins me now. it has been striking how both campaigns in the last two weeks have seen their best laid plans. >> a long campaign. plenty of time to get back to it. i think that's right. you
and credit of the united states on the line again at a time what is upheaval in europe. >> only congress can act to raise the dead limit. we hope they do it this time without the drama and the pain and the damage they caused the country last july. >> geithner actually said the government could hit its borrowing limit before the end of the year but that treasury still has the tools to keep the government operating in to early next year. but does it matter for perceptions of the economy if both sides harden these political conditions? last summer's debt season fightndfight ended like a typical tarantino flick. s&p lowered its credit rating for the united states. it was a self-inflicted wound. even if republicans look intractable, will a renewed focus on debt help the president here? on congress's to-do list, first in d.c. then over lunch with mcconnell, boehner, pelosi and reid. one guy who used it to his advantage, former president bill clinton. last week when the country was focused on the gay marriage issue, romney tried to pick a fight with both clinton and obama sort of by setting up a co
boogieman for both political parties here in the united states. mitt romney running mate tryout rolls on today with virginia's governor. we will talk with another governor on a short list, louisiana's bobby jindal. it's neck and neck in ohio and florida while the president maintains solid double digit leads. can romney avoid the gore/kerry map track. it's thursday, may 3rd, 2012. overseas an explosive story turning into a diplomatic nightmare. the chinese dissident had eagerly embraced the plan to stay in chinese with his family will tell any reporter he is anxious to get out. he began giving a series of interviews from his hospital bed to anyone who would listen saying his wife and two children have been threatened with violence if he leaves the country. told ian williams i want to leave as soon as possible. i feel very unsafe. my rights and safety cannot be assured here. he said my hope is it would be possible for my family to leave for the united states on hillary clinton's plan. secretary clinton and geithner are in days of the summit meetings that take place every six months. cli
for security by the end of 2014. >> like the united states committed to, nato said they'll have a true presence in afghanistan after 2014. the big questions, though, how many of those troops will not be u.s. soldiers and how long most americans will support even a reduced commitment there is unclear. one indication of what the lighter american presence looks like, defense contractor norfolk grumman finalize add deal to splip nato with its first five drones. >> we agreed to acquire a fleet of remotely piloted aircraft, drones, to strengthen intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. >> again, this is not the united states and their drones. this is now nato going the route of drone aircraft. now, in another signal that our effort there is changing, it appears we're going to hear later this morning that u.s. ambassador ryan crocker plans to step down this summer amp just one year in kabul instead of two, that originally was thought of. one unfinished piece. business from the summit, convincing pakistan to reopen a key supply line on the border of afghanistan for nato and u.s. troops. the presi
in the united states and that's also not good news for the white house. finally, vice president biden finally said what supporters of same-sex marriage have been waiting to hear from the president for years. and then the white house spent sunday scrambling to dial it back. on "meet the press," biden said that when it comes to gay marriage, he's no longer evolving. >> i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marry men, women marry women, and heterosexual are entitled to all the exact rights, all the civil liberties, and i don't see much of a distinction. >> almost immediately after the program aired, reach da that he was speaking for himself and not the administration and wasn't making new policy. "the vice president was saying what the president has said previously, that committed and loving same-sex couples deserve all the same rights as other married couples." and that's what he said. but groups supporting same-sex marriage welcomed biden's comments and pushed the president to weigh it in. the human rights campaign said in a statement, "we are encouraged by vice president biden's
to the united states senate. >>> we'll give you a crash course in our brand new app full of the latest news, analysis, even battleground maps for you to make and play with at home and on the go. good morning from washington. it's tuesday, may 15th, 2012. this is "the daily rundown." >>> the president's trip to new york had a little something for everybody in his re-electn campaign. a nod to women in hopes of growing the gender gap. an embrace of enthusiastic donors happy with his new gay stance and an awkward attempt to raise wall street money while bashing some of wall street's practices, at least when it come to you mitt romney practiced them. he had a commencement address at an all-female college. but the address was less your traditional pearls of wisdom. it sounded a lot more like a political speech. >> young folks who marched and mobilized and stood up and sat in from selma to stonewall didn't just do it for themselves. they did it for other people. that's how we achieve women's rights. that's how we achieved voting rights. that's how we achieved workers rights. that's how we achieved
solution, that the united states is trying to negotiate with russia and that maybe putin and medvedev have an open mind about this idea of keeping the assad regime partially in place if assad will agree to go. sort of similar to what happened in yemen, where the regime stayed but the ruler left. >> reporter: well, you know, chuck, one of the things people are talking about today is the fact that this incident could have been a tipping point in the syrian conflict. some very strong words coming out of the russian foreign minister, which many people interpreted as russia slowly distancing itself from the assad regime or at least president assad himself. so there is now in the eyes of many a possibility that if russia changes its position, distances itself a little more from the syrian president, there could be an opportunity where the international community could offer president assad at least an opportunity to step aside, make way for somebody else to assume power and begin a process of transition. not necessarily as quickly as we've seen in other arab countries like egypt or elsewhere, bu
think they recognize that 30 years later as a father of two and a husband and a united states senator that i'm prepared to lead the country. >> you know, it's interesting, you talk to strategists on both sides and they say that high school is off limits. of course, the stories seem to be creeping up more and more with candidates all the time. i have noticed that in a lot of secondary statewide campaigns. now, there's more to this story. the cranbrook story happened almost 50 years ago. the details are in dispute. romney, who has been running for five years, is still a two-dimensional figure. between now and the election in november, it's the fill in the blanks and people are filling in blanks a lot faster than romney is. romney puts his wife out there to talk about him, which she will do again on fox. >> for mitt, he -- that's where he gave me the greatest strength, because he was the one reminding me that it wasn't what i did that -- why he loved me, it was who i was. >> look, everybody knows romney's name. the question is, do people know him? and presidential politics and elections,
people for who they really are. you can help create a more united states. the more you know. blast of cold feels nice. why don't you use bengay zero degrees? it's the one you store in the freezer. same medicated pain reliever used by physical therapists. that's chilly. [ male announcer ] new bengay zero degrees. freeze and move on. >>> it's been a tough year for congressional incumbents and it's only may. we are looking at the growing number of congressional casualties. five house members and senator failed to make it out of the primaries. there is a running theme and in every case, the race featured a newcomer taking down the long time veteran. in pennsylvania, 10-term congressman was ousted by an attorney. in illinois, it was the republican getting knocked off by king singer. that is predictable. in ohio, 65-year-old democrat and 60-year-old republican congresswoman both lost primaries on the same day. although kucinich with another long time member. a combined 40 plus terms failing to make it out of the primaries and losing to team in had been there longer before they think exce
. >>> in this day in 1904 when the city of st. louis became a first in the united states to host the olympic games scheduled for chicago. the games were moved to st. louis to coincide with the centennial purchase of the louisiana purchase. >> mitt romney wants to convince voters he is the candidate, but the obama campaign is trying to define him as part of the problem for the middle class. >> we view mitt romney as a job destroyer. >> he is running for president and if he runs the country the way he runs the business, i wouldn't want him. they have more money than we will spend, but they don't have the money to take care of the people who made the money for him. >> daniela gibbs. "washington post" correspondent and the associate editor for the heel. let's go through the romney campaign this morning. number one was he was not running bain day to day when steel was carved out, but he was a partner. does that matter as far as the rules of the game is concerned some. >> probably not a lot. part of what's going to be on trial is private equity. he was part of that and the obama campaign will tie him in
. the president of the united states has got the country going in the wrong direction and keeps trying to change the subject instead of focusing on what the american people want. that is jobs and reducing the tax burden. >> speaking of changing the subject, my question was, are you -- >> he's not talking about that -- >> are you actively trying to repeal the law? >> yes. it's not a law. it was a court decision made against the law in the state of iowa. i signed the defense of marriage law. our supreme court struck it down. three members of the court were voted out because the voters of iowa were upset that the court did this and now the iowa house of representatives has passed the constitutional amendment to give the people a chance to vote on this. i support that. unfortunately, the democratically-controlled senate majority leader would not let that come to a vote. even though the votes were there in the senate to pass it. now we're going to work to get a republican majority in the senate so the people of iowa will have a chance to vote on this issue. but iowans care more about jobs. i'm going
believed and my father believed that if i wanted to be president of the united states, i could be. i could be vice president. my mother and father dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams. >> biden laid into romney's record at bain capital asking if it's the right experience for the oval office. >> romney made sure the guys on top got to play by a separate set of rules. he ran up massive debts in the middle class laws. folks, he thinks that experience is going to help our economy? >> biden's trip has been loaded up with the regular guy riz vals. he ate at a spaghetti dinner, trailed by romney staffers. biden defended government in a very personal way telling a story of the tragic accident that killed his first wife in 1972 at a fire station which used a $300,000 federal grant to rehire three laid-off firefighters. >> i'm alive because of my fire department. right after i got elected, a 29-year-old kid in the united states senate, my wife and daughter were christmas shopping, december 18th. gone through an intersection, broadsided by a tractor-trailer. my wife killed and my daughter killed. a
leaving the country. the country has been a longtime ally to the united states, an important player until recently provided stability in the region. this is why these elections are so critical for us. keep an eye on. who better to talk to on this than my friend nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel joining me live from cairo and, richard, we'll get into the details of what's happening today. it's still a remarkable thing we're witnessing. >> reporter: it is. this is not just the first free democratic election since the fall of hosni mubarak early last year. egypt has about 5,000 years of recorded history. this is the land of the fair roes and later sultans and kings and not one day of those 5,000 years was democratic, and this is a fact that is not lost on egyptians. look at one of the main newspaper headlines today. this is the newspaper that means "the news" it's a daily paper here that says equals the futur egypt. clearly, this is an important day, but you have to look at what's going on. this is not just about a democratic process that allows people to express themselves. th
to be the president of the united states based upon the argument he's making around being sort of this chief investment officer for the country. and people -- and they're saying that's not really a good argument. mitt romney and the story this morning said the economy is made up of the collection of businesses. that's actually not how the economy and gdp is made up. it's made up of income and output and worker, labor, and all sorts of economic inputs that even his advisers sort of recognize and i think that's a fundamental difference in the economy. >> when does he make the pivot, one thing i noticed and i've been surprised of, in the month since santorum dropped out, it's only been five weeks, maybe six, he's still speaking to republican audiences in his rhetoric. his rhetoric is not yet doesn't seem designed to talk to suburban america. why is that? >> well, i think if you look at where polling is today, though, he's doing pretty well among independents, so i think the difference here is that unlike 2008 independent voters seem to be lining -- aligning much more with republican philosophy
the word productivity means. this is quite a revelation, if you have the president of the united states that doesn't understand that productivity is a measure of output per person in the nation as a whole, and is driven by such things as the level of automation in the society. it's not -- not just a measure of how hard people are working. >> interesting. a lot of economic speak in there, automation, things like that. anyway, later in the day in california, the president hounded romney again. >> governor romney -- yeah, he's saying, well, yeah, my 25 years in private sector gives me a special understanding of how our economy works. well, if that's true, why is he peddling the same bad ideas that brought our economy to the brink of collapse? >> well, romney defended that as well. defended his time at bain in another interview. here's what he said. >> with regards to bain capital -- >> thank you. >> they just put a report out about their record. the bain capital guys did. they noted they made about 350 investments since the beginning of the firm and of those investments, 80% of them grew t
the president was born in the united states. he said it repeatedly. he said that he thinks the issue is closed. and that he's focused on jobs and the economy. and, you know, democrats put out a web video on this yesterday. they can talk about donald trump all they want. we're focused on jobs and the economy. how mitt romney's going to get people back to work and i think that's what voters care about. so, you're going to hear a lot, you know, of stuff on the sidelines, you know, whether it be from people outside the campaigns or the media, but at the end of the day, voters want to get a job. they want their paychecks to go up. they want gas prices to go down. and those are the things that governor romney's focused on. >> i understand that. but i guess why -- the campaign chooses who they raise money with. why raise money with somebody who is using what a lot of people believe is poisonous language? >> look, as, again, you know, they don't agree on every subject and if you look, you know, the obama campaign refuses to denounce bill maher when he said extremely hateful things, so you're going to
in the united states. reporters are going to be asking mitt romney if he agrees or disagrees and that could be a distraction. very smart about surrogates. we appreciate it. it's day six of the liberations in the john edwards trial. they are asked to review more evidence and spend more time deliberating the charges than the edwards defense team spent presenting their case. nbc senior investigative respondent has been in greensboro, north carolina since the start and joins us now. good morning. it looks like we have sundown there. what do we know? is today the day? >> good morning. we have no way to know whether today is the day. it doesn't feel like given the magnitude of the jury's request for exhibits. they will begin deliberations in about a half hour. newscast afternoon we got everything in the case. it is conceivable, but based on the request for exhibits, they only yesterday began considering the two counts in the case relating to donor threats and they appear to have been spending most of the rest of the time talking about the case involving that. what you can extrapolate, there divis
the state of wisconsin. so he's trying to unite the state of wisconsin on a variety of issues. the war on women, the attack on workers' rights, and, you know, there's been people who have stopped being able to talk about politics around their kitchen table because of walker's just brutal divisive tactics. and i think that mayor barrett is doing a great job unite einge state, and i think ultimately he'll win on tuesday. >> josh orton, great to have you on this morning. thanks for your time, appreciate it. >> thank you. >>> hundreds of people were treated for heat-related illnesses at the indianapolis 500 on sunday. the temps there, they reached 91 on the speedway. that's one degree short of an all-time high that they've seen. organizers relaxed the rules there. as you see, they allowed some ice and coolers in the stands. they also set up misting stations and air conditioned buses, to help to cool the people off there. but it was a crash by driver mike conway in that final lap that handed scottish driver dario franchitti his third win. conway wasn't hurt, but crashed in nearly the same e
in the united states senate in 2008 that will not be there in 2013, republican side only. lugar, warner, specter, bennett, snow, gordon smith, voinovich, hagel. democratics, byrd, kennedy, biden, dodd, lincoln, nelson, clinton, obama. people how about the grandiosity of the senate, the people who would work with the other side, that's a lot of senate power going. >> it's most of the gang of "x." >> yeah. this gang of ten, that was anybody that was ever on a bipartisan piece of legislation, it was one of those ten names. >> that's why you see so much frustration in the american electorate right now. there's a reason why congress isn't working the pay it has in the past. it's changed really dramatically in the last five years. >> and it's interesting, you've always heard there was debate among some democrats during the john roberts hearings about whether to support him or not because some democrats supported him because they believed in the notion that you do that. one of the things that hurt lug ser when lugar is when he supported the president's picked for the supreme court, are we -- >> there's
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